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Panda Owl Land       

 Welcome to My Site!
I have been asked "what is a Panowl" by people I have met on the internet, I thought I would explain how I came up with it.  In 2001 I finally broke down and replaced my 1986 computer.  It didn't take long to get the new one hooked up and surfing the internet.  I now had to choose a user name. I have been collecting pictures, figurines and information about Pandas and Owls for years. I decided on the name Panowl.  Pan for Pandas which in China represent friendship and peace.  Owl, that in many countries, represents wisdom.  I hope that I am a wise friend that advocates peace, as I travel the world of the internet and make new friends.  On the pages "Panda", and "Owl" you will find some of the pictures and information that I have found or was given by friends.*  The "Friendship" page will have poems and sayings.*   A big thanks to my friend Spirit who encouraged me to do this web site and my psp friends who have shared their knowledge with me.  I also want to thank all my friends who have given me owls and pandas graphics.  My last count was 160 pandas and 108 owls.  I hope you enjoy my site.  Panowl

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*  As far as I know all pictures and written text are public domain.